3 September 2018

Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Malaysia has been widely recognized as a quality natural rubber (NR) producer to rubber consumers all over the world. Globalization has caused trade and investment to be wide open and triggered rapid changes in rubber industries. This spurs Malaysian Rubber Board (MRB) research and development (R&D) towards creating a modern and productive natural rubber technologies in order to increase Malaysian Rubber industry competitiveness in the global market. The MRB R&D strategies align very well with the direction of the National Key Economic Areas (NKEAs) which includes rubber sectors as one of the 12 main sectors that have the potential to contribute to the growth of Malaysia economic. To accelerate the growth and development of the rubber industries especially the midstream and downstream rubber sector, emphasis is been given in the area of production efficiency, development of new advanced materials and product diversification.

The one-day MRB workshop for IRC 2018 is to create an interactive clinic discussion (A5 program platform) and presentation platform to discuss issue and challenges related to the midstream and downstream sector of rubber industries. The program of the workshop are listed below that consists of parallel clinic and seminar session with the focus area in:-

  1. Tyre Compound
  2. IRG /Engineering Product (design, consultancy, testing, compound, processing)
  3. GRG Product (compound and processing)
  4. SMR related matter (laboratories, quality, processing)
  5. Latex Product (Gloves, Adhesive, Paint)
  6. Product certification (SMG and others)
  7. GTACR-Testing and Services  for Rubber
  8. Specialty and New Rubber (EKOPRENA, PUREPRENA, LENR, Latex)
  9. Training & Publication
  10. Proficiency Testing program and materials

Targeted participation: Trade associations, GLCs, Agencies, Upstream, midstream and downstream industries, Commercial Laboratories, Higher Education, Regulatory bodies, Government Agencies



REGISTRATION (Download Brochure and Registration Form)

Participants are welcome to register by sending the Registration Form by mail or email (separately from IRC2018) to the Workshop Secretariat at the address provided below. Please reserve your attendance as early as possible as the place are limited. Deadline for reservation for a place at MRB IRC2018 Workshop is on 1 August 2018.


Early bird: RM 200.00/day (before 1 July 2018)
Normal rate: RM 250.00/day (after 1 July 2018)

Early bird: USD 200.00 / day (before 1 July 2018)
Normal rate: USD 250.00 / day (after 1 July 2018)



Mdm Norhidayu Md Ramlan

Mdm Rashidah Othman

Technology & Engineering Division
RRIM Experimental Station
Malaysia Rubber Board
Sg Buloh, 47000 Selangor