IRC 2018: Guidelines for Authors

Abstract Template

The Title of Paper Times New Roman 16 pt


1 Affiliation of the A. Author (Department, Institute, City, Country)

2 Affiliation of the B. Author (Department, Institute, City, Country

3Affiliation of the C. Author (Department, Institute, City, Country)

*E-mail address of Corresponding Author (clearly indicate who will handle correspondence at all stages of abstract submission and refereeing)

Abstract should be in one paragraph (200 words or less, present tense, no personal pronouns. First part of the abstract should set the context for the research, the second part should briefly summarize the main findings of the manuscript). Your abstract has to be concise, clear and factual. Abbreviations should be avoided, but if essential they must be defined at their first mention in the abstract itself for example scanning electron microscope (SEM); defined; then can be use as abbreviation throughout the abstract.  The abstract should be written using Microsoft Word. Please write your abstract in BRITISH English (American or British usage is accepted. Abstract has to be prepared strictly according to the instructions set herein i.e. the margin, font size (Times New Roman, 12 pt) and the spacing (double spacing, italic)

Keywords: Please provide a maximum of 5 keywords, with words separated by comma (1 line only).


Full Paper Template

To be advised


Oral Presentation Guidelines

All presentations have to be done in English.

Speakers are  required  to  download  their  PowerPoint  presentation  file  onto  the  PC  in the presentation room before the session starts.

Speakers are required to be present early as the session chair will introduce all presenters before the session starts.

The allotted time for oral presentation is 20 minutes, including questions and answer sessions.


Poster Presentation Guidelines

Dimensions: A1-sized, portrait (not landscape) (594 mm wide x 841 mm high).

Poster Judging will be done during the poster presentation.  You need to be at your poster to answer any queries.

Posters will be assessed during the allocated time by appointed judges, and winners will be awarded prizes during the prize-giving ceremony on 6 Sept 2018.

The judges’ decision is final.